Balance your mind and body, comfort your movement and stillness.
Regain your natural, animal-like abilities using Alexander Technique.

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What's Alexander Technique?

Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique is named after F.M. Alexander (1869-1955), who devoted his life to the study of mind and body balance, and discovered a way for the body to regain its natural ability. Nowadays, Alexander Technique is taught in universities around the world and practiced by thousands.
Studies show that daily practice has a possitive effect on e.g. eliminating back pain or other similar discomforts.

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Alexander Technique in daily life

Alexander Technique helps us reconnect with natural abilities of our body, and it can be practiced anywhere, anytime. It does not require a dedicated time, but rather can be practiced together with everyday tasks, whenever we choose to.
Practice can also be focused on improving specific skills, e.g. dancing, playing musical instruments, painting, sport performance, public speaking etc.

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About me

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Asako Oki

Asako started her journey with Alexander Technique in 2004, when she had a chance to experience it through Flamenco dance. She quickly became fascinated by Alexander Technique teachings and since then have participated in various workshops and retreats in Japan, United States, Canada, France and Ireland. She began her formal studies of Alexander Technique at the Alexander Technique Tokyo School in 2007, where she studied under Sakiko Ishitsubo, and graduated in 2015.

Currently, Asako runs regular Alexander Technique classes at Yokohama Asahi Culture Center. She also works with various institutions (Dance Therapy Organization, special needs school, sport gyms, etc) on introducing Alexander Technique concepts to those in need.
In November 2018 she earned the status of a Certified Teacher of Alexander Technique International (ATI) organization.

Asako feels that the beauty and ability of a human being is universal, and is something that is given to every one of us when we are born. She also feels that these qualities are often forgotten, and we lose connection with the moments of our life.

She learned that Alexander Technique allows us to reconnect with those forgotten natural abilities through the work with our bodies. That it offers tools we can use to regain attention to the moments of our life. Tools we can use to stay "present", and "in our body", regardless of external circumstances. Tools that have the power to transform our lives. She continues to explore Alexander Technique with her students.


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