Alexander Technique for performers

1 day workshop for performing artists. Singers, actors, dancers, musicians and other artists who use their body to perform.

It is recommended to those who want to drop tension and nervousness and fully enjoy their performance.

During the workshop we will be practicing applying various Alexander Technique skills to your performance, so please bring the instrument/tool you perform with.

2018 July 10 (Tue) 19:00-20:30

Alexander Technique Intro Workshop - vol.15

What are the magical tools that can be used for everything such as work, hobbies (anything), child care, sports, exercise, etc.?

It is your body and mind !!!

In the workshop, we will help you discover wonderful tools of yourself by experimenting the process of "notice what you do too much and release them to make your self functional" through interactive games and hands on work.

2018 October. The date will be decided soon.

5,000 yen

Please use the contact form to reserve your spot.

If you participated in any of our previous Alexander Technique Introductory Workshops, you can enjoy the discount of 500 yen.

Wikipedia - Alexander Technique

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The Alexander Technique (A.T.), named after its creator Frederick Matthias Alexander, is an educational process that attempts to develop the ability to avoid unnecessary muscular tension by retraining physical movement. Alexander believed that poor habits in posture and movement damaged spatial self-awareness; he believed the technique was a mental training technique as well.

Alexander developed his technique's principles in the 1890s in an attempt to address voice loss during public speaking-a probable result of unintentionally retaining childhood asthma breathing problems. He credited his method with allowing him to pursue his passion for reciting in Shakespearean theater.

Some proponents of the Alexander Technique observe that it addresses a variety of health conditions related to cumulative physical behaviors. However, as of 2013, the sparse supporting medical evidence was of moderate quality and overall, the effectiveness of the Alexander Technique on clinical conditions is uncertain because of insufficient evidence and because it relies on education and sustained use by the patient. There is evidence suggesting the Alexander Technique is, so far, helpful for long-term back pain, long-term neck pain, and may help people cope with Parkinson's disease.

One-on-one private lesson information

Alexander Technique Private Lesson.

Private lesson is dedicated to letting you experience Alexander Technique.

You will be introduced to Alexander Technique concepts, though the lesson mainly focuses on practical application of the techniques on you. You will be guided to become more aware of how you use your body, and this in turn may help you discover limitations and discomforts you may be having. Private session will also help you define the process of applying Alexander Technique skills in your daily life.

Studio Plus A near Nishikoyama station on Tokyu Meguro line.

For ladies, anything but skirt is preferred. Changing room is available.

Please use the contact form to request a private lesson, and provide 3 options of preferred lesson date/time.

6,000 yen

Who is the session for?

Anyone who is interested in improving their "use of self".
Those who have difficulties doing daily activities (house work, working with computer, speaking, standing, walking etc.).
Those who have muscle pain, physical and mental stress or problems with communication.
Performers, dancers, athletes who want to improve their performance, or prevent injuries.
Anyone who is perfectly healthy, and is just interested in learning how their body works.

What should I bring?

Any comfortable clothing. Changing room is available.
For women, trousers are recommended as we may practice basic movements (standind, sitting, laying down, etc.). If you want to apply the techniques to playing music or to using a specific instrument/tool, please bring it with you. Yoga mats are available at the studio.